Currently, I am working as an Interaction Designer at Ducere Technologies Pvt. Ltd., where we brainstorm, design, prototype and develop smart wearables like Le Chal and other innovative products.

I am interested in designing and prototyping physical or digital interactions for hardwares and softwares that augments the user experience while using the technology.

Alumni of Human Interface Technology Lab, New Zealand (HITLab NZ) at University of Canterbury, graduated last year with a Masters degree in Human Computer Interaction.

Emotions have a very important role in influencing everyday human activities that involve experience, social communication, learning and decision-making. My masters thesis was focusing on “Wearable Devices for Affective Remote Collaboration” under the supervision of Dr. Christoph Bartneck , Prof. Mark Billinghurst and Dr. Gun Lee .

I have also worked on innovative medical embedded device DIABETO that helps diabeties patients to track their glucose readings.